TakeNumberMembership Closed, Accepting Applications


Thank you for your interest in joining our club.

We are at our membership limit. 

To be placed on our waiting list for future openings, please complete and submit the membership applicationDO NOT include membership dues payment.  You will be placed on our waiting list in the order received and contacted  when an opening is available. Letters go out in February each year to fill available openings.  If you move be sure to update your membership application, if we cannot contact you, your position will be offered to the next waiting applicant.  We typically have 15-30 openings each year.

As an active club we have "OPEN" shooting opportunities during club events, the public is welcome and encouraged to come out to watch and participate(Range Safety Requirements).  Meet our members and mingle with like minded individuals that share the same passion.

Check our Calendar for event schedules.
Call or eMail listed event sponsors for futher information regarding a shooting event.


For information regarding your membership application status please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For your memebrship application waiting position check the Membership Waiting List

For changes to your membership application please complete a new membership application package and include a note that it is an "UPDATED APPLICATION, new address and phone information" and submit it as you did the original Membership Application.


All available positions have been filled for 2017

Letters go out in Febuary each year to fill available openings.Open

Membership Application

Membership Waiting List