Results of Buffalo Rifle Gong Shoot May 20th 2017

The Buffalo Rifle Gong shoot was held at Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club on May 20th. We had a rainy day and still had 8 shooters who shot at steel gongs on our 200 yard range.  The results are as follows:





Bob Wood


40-65 Browning High Wall BPCR

375 gr. paper patch, Swiss 1.5 BP

Rick Chianelli


45-120 High Wall


Rick Chianelli


45-70 High Wall


Jeff Heeler


45-90 C. Sharps

535 gr. Postell, 85.0 1.5 Swiss BP

Richard Lorenz


11.7 x 51R Danish Rolling Block

375 gr.

Eric Johanen


50-70 Military Sharps, Semi-Buckhorn Sights


Chris Frank


45-70 Peabody

Smokeless Powder

Jeff Stroub


45-70 Browning High Wall BPCR

525 gr. Creedmoor, O.E. BP

Jim Scheurs


40-70 Sharps Black Powder Rifle


The course of fire was 10 shots off of cross sticks at 200 yards at a small steel chicken. The final 5 shots were shot off hand standing, at a larger ram steel gong.   As in the past, we had a couple of newer shooters and interested spectators. There is always a rifle and ammo on hand for a new shooter to try.  The next shoot scheduled for Sept. 16th.  The September shoot is a paper match also at 200 yards. The Buffalo target is sized so simulate a 500 yard shot.

The purpose of these matches is to generate interest in shooting the old buffalo period rifles. The intent is to have fun, and learn about shooting these old guns. Feel free to stop out and test fire one of these old rifles. We guarantee you a good time.

For additional information contact:  Bob Wood at 946-4393 or Mike Hansen at 918-6958

Buffalo Match / Black Powder 

2018 shooting schedule 

(Range Safety Rules)

 Bufalo Shoot 800x531

September 15, 2018 

Start Time   2:00pm at the outdoor range.
Entry Fee   $7.00 

200 yards
15 shot match @ 200 Yards with paper buffalo.

May 20, 2017 

Start time  2:00 at the outdoor range.
Entry Fee   $7.00

15 shot match.       May 21st Match Results