Bulls-Eye Pistol

This is the oldest of the pistol shooting sports. It is formal target shooting. It is the sport where marksmanship is learned. It started out by combining the .22 pistols that the civilians were shooting, the .38 pistols (now called centerfire) the police were using and the .45 pistols the military was using.

We fire three stages:

Slow fire:      10 shots fired in 10 minutes,   50 yards
Timed fire:     5  shots fired in 20 seconds,  25 yards
Rapid fire:      5  shots fired in 10 seconds   25 yards

All firing is done with one hand, automatic timed-turning targets.


Wow!! I can't shoot well with one hand! Fifty yards is too far to shoot!! We start all new shooters with big, up-close targets. They will be shooting from the bench or two-handed, whatever it takes to hit the targets. Then we work on improvement. The whole program is geared for individual competition. In other words, you compete against yourself and try to improve each week. This is a program for all skill levels. You do not have to be an elite shooter to shoot with us. But with practice we can turn you into one!!

This is the program to check out if you want to learn basic marksmanship skills. It is not taught anywhere else in the club. Learning basic pistol marksmanship skills will improve your shooting, be it bulls-eye, action, cowboy or self-defense shooting.

We are shooting on Thursday nights, setting up at about 5:00pm and start shooting at 6:00pm. We usually shoot until no one wants to shoot any longer or till dark, whichever comes first.

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For information contact  Mike Reil @ 414-630-4749