Speed Challenge Pistol

 The SPEED CHALLENGE will be starting May 23, 2018,  4:00pm setup, 5:00pm to 9:00pm shootSRPC SpeedChallenge

We will be shooting most opposite Wednesdays from Action Pistol
Check the club calendar on the club website for dates
We will be focusing on speed..., gun and magazine handling, so we only load 5 rounds per magazine, a lot of mag changes and both STRONG HAND and WEAK HAND shooting.
We will be shooting at 10yds from standing barrels, there will be 8 firing points using the NRA B 29 targets on the automated turning target system.  Stages will vary and you can expect to shoot 50 rounds takeing less than one half hour to shoot the stage.
           You may shoot more than once, most will shoot a full size gun and BUG gun and that we have 8 people shooting along side each other. We start at low ready position, DRAWING FROM HOLSTERS is NOT ALLOWED, you will not have time anyway.   You can have magazine holders on your belt although most people set them on the barrel for easy access.  This is not very Revolver friendly but 22 autos will work, bring your favorite gun and go through the stage more than once to improve your skills.

We are planning a Full size gun class and a Bug gun class, maybe more if we have enough interested.

      ( BUG gun  -  (backup gun) - now you know )

           For information:
                    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    (414) 630-4749

  SRPC SpeedChallenge